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When Should I Call an Attorney?

We are always willing to speak with anyone who calls our firm seeking assistance. However, many times people looking for some legal guidance or general legal information can be extremely unrealistic about what is possible under the law. This is understandable in our area of consumer bankruptcy and consumer protection because most people who call us are under severe financial distress and regularly being dunned, or hounded, for payment by creditors or their third party debt collectors; they don’t always have their best wits about them.

A good indicator as to when you should contact a consumer bankruptcy attorney for bankruptcy information or advice is if your monthly expenses exceed your monthly income. Or, if you find yourself unable to pay down your credit card balances each month (e.g. you are making regular payments, but the balances on one or multiple cards continues to increase each month). Or, if you’re seeking out bankruptcy information online and reading this blog post!

A good gauge as to when you should contact a consumer protection attorney is if you, your family or friends are feeling harassed or attacked by creditors or debt collectors. This is a little more broad than other areas with respect to when you should seek information or assistance. Since the FDCPA and the Rosenthal Act have very specific rules governing debt collections, this is an area where it is usually best to contact a consumer protection or consumer bankruptcy attorney immediately and have the attorney advise you on whether or not you have a legitimate claim against your creditor(s) or a debt collector.

A rule of thumb or guidepost as to when you should seek legal counsel in other areas of law, in most circumstances, is when you have actual damages. Also, does your claim pass a common sense smell test? As you can see from the video above (it is clearly meant to be humorous), not all claims are legitimate or make sense. If you discuss how you believe you’ve been wronged or harmed with a friend or family member and they laugh at you…it probably didn’t pass the smell test.

Regardless of all the rules of thumb or indicators as to when you should call an attorney for assistance; if you believe you need assistance or simply want to gather information, feel free to call Spaulding Law Group at your convenience at (714) 731-7595 and we will be happy to speak to you over the phone and point you in the right direction even where we are not able to assist directly.

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Christian Spaulding is the founder and principal attorney at Spaulding Law Group. Mr. Spaulding has lived in Southern California his entire life and his family has been in Southern California since the late 1800’s. Mr. Spaulding received his undergraduate degree from Chapman University in Orange with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. While completing his undergraduate studies, Mr. Spaulding was the recipient of the prestigious Wall Street Journal Student Business Award. Mr. Spaulding graduated at the top of his accounting program at Chapman University and attended law school at Chapman University School of Law where he was a Merit Scholarship recipient. Mr. Spaulding has focused his firm’s practice solely on consumer protection and bankruptcy since 2009.

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